About Salthaven

The London area

is host to an amazing variety of wildlife from the threatened Peregrine Falcon to the most common songbirds, raccoons and foxes. However, as the human population continues to grow, the dangers these animals face also grows.

Salthaven, a volunteer wildlife rehabilitation facility, is located just outside of London, Ontario in Mount Brydges. During the spring, summer and fall Salthaven receives 25 to 30 calls a day regarding displaced, sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife. The calls come from local and regional police, humane societies, animal care and control agencies, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Canadian Wildlife Services and the concerned public.

With patience, persistence and attention to detail, Salthaven’s dedicated group of volunteer caregivers has successfully treated and released countless healthy wild animals back to their appropriate habitat in the wild.

Brian Salt is the founder and director of rehabilitation at Salthaven. He has been a wildlife rehabilitator since 1985 and is certified by the IWRC (International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council) and OWREN (Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Network) in rehabilitation training skills and Advanced Clinical Pathology. He also served on the OWREN board of directors.

  • Another important Salthaven endeavour is public education. Brian visits and enjoys interacting with local schools, service clubs, scout troops, church groups and radio and TV stations to give talks about local wildlife issues. Brian is available for speaking engagements in the months of October through March.
  • Salthaven is currently accepting bookings for speaking engagements. Interested parties are encouraged to book early.
  • We also welcome volunteers who would like to experience first hand the challenges of caring for wildlife. We welcome your interest, your concern, and your questions.
  • Thank you for caring.