Critter Corner

   Bald Eagle


   April 16, 2018

An ice and wind storm near Mitchell, Ontario brought down the tree with this female Bald Eagle's nest, where 3 eaglets died. She sustained a fractured ulna and will be operated on in the near future to correct the damage to her wing that has grounded her.

April 25, 2018 Update:

Dr. Alex El-Warrack assisted by Dr. Tyrrel de Langley and Brian Salt stabilized the fractured ulna with an external fixator. When the stabilizing equipment is removed in a few weeks, physiotherapy will commence.

June 10, 2018 Update:

The hardware was removed from the wing on June 2nd and the ulna fracture is looking good. Physiotherapy has commenced, and although the eagle does not like it, it has been showing a definite benefit to the extension of the injured wing. Flight feathers have moulted and some are already starting to grow back. Release date is pending based on results of physiotherapy. Stay tuned. Check out our Facebook page for an inside look of her physiotherapy session!

   Snowy Owl


   May 2, 2018

Found in a farmer's field with a right wing impairment. Hundreds of feather lice. Had not eaten for a while but is now eating well at Salthaven. Prognosis at present is guarded. 

UPDATE: Snowy Owl was successfully released on May 29, 2018! Check out our Facebook page to see the release video!



   May 2, 2018

This Ovenbird was brought to Salthaven by the Reeve family after it was a victim of a cat attack. His recovery has been slow but steady and will be undergoing flight strengthening exercises the week of May 13. We are hopeful for a release date by May 18.

UPDATE: The Ovenbird was released Thursday May 17, 2018.