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Do you have a group of students who are interested in learning more about wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation? If so, contact us to learn more about the one-hour sessions we offer in the following areas:

*Appropriate Grade Level Indicators:

(P) = Primary; (J) = Junior; (I) = Intermediate; (S) = Senior; (PS) = Post Secondary; (C) = Community

Growth and Changes in Animals *(P) (C)

This presentation teaches:

  • Care and respect for all living things
  • Why humans should protect animals and habitats

Habitats and Communities (J) (C)

This presentation focuses on:

  • Interacting species sharing a common habitat
  • Biodiversity's importance for maintaining species' resilience

The Miracle of Flight (J) (C)

This presentation focuses on:

  • The characteristics that allow living creatures to fly
  • The four "forces of flight" that different creatures use to fly

Interaction in the Environment (I)

This presentation helps learners understand:

  • The limits to the number of living things that can survive in certain ecosystems
  • The ways human activities can alter the balance of these ecosystems

Sustainable Ecosystems (S)

In this presentation, learners will come to understand:

  • The consequences of human activity on wildlife
  • The rates and causes of tissue, organ, and animal system abnormalities

Animals: Structure, Function and Anatomy (S)

This presentation is suited for advanced grades and focuses on:

  • Disorders of respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems in wildlife
  • Examples of different animal digestive functions

Environmental Studies (S)

This presentation helps learners appreciate and understand:

  • Protection of the environment for future generations
  • Impact of environmental contamination on sustainability

> Wildlife Case Studies (PS)

This presentation is designed to help advanced learners understand:

  • Animals' adaptive behaviours to human influences
  • Diseases management and rehab techniques

Human Encounters with Wildlife (C)

This is our most advanced presentation, which explores:

  • Problems of human encroachment on wildlife
  • Opportunities to provide help to wildlife

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