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Salthaven Senior Environmental Alliance (SSEA) is a London, Ontario, based senior-led committee that works to increase ecological awareness and promote change to help protect wildlife. We strongly believe that it is important for seniors to recognize opportunities and act to help protect our planet.


The goal is to involve seniors in our community, as well as in other communities, and to promote the wellbeing of wildlife now and for future generations.


So what's in it for me? The answer to this question is probably different for different people.   Here are some ideas:

  • an opportunity to give back and make an impact on the environment,
  • getting to know the plight of Canadian wildlife better,
  • meeting and socializing with other people of similar interests,
  • educating people about what they can do to protect and preserve Canadian wildlife.


There are lots of ways to get involved with Salthaven.  We have provided a list of some volunteer opportunities.  In addition to the ones on the list, we are interested in hearing from you about your ideas. You can email us at or phone at 519-264-2440.

Clinic Volunteers – working directly with the wildlife in the clinics

Every year, new volunteers are trained to conduct hands on work from Spring to Fall with wildlife at the Salthaven clinic in Mt. Brydges, Ontario.

As of January 1st we will begin looking for volunteers to work with wildlife. If this is something you might be interested in doing please fill out the Volunteer Application Form below and send it, along with your resume in a MS Word document, to from January 1st - March 19th.

Application Form

Family Day Coordinators: Help create and organize meaningful family days at Salthaven. 


Newsletter: Work with other volunteers on a newsletter about Salthaven activities that would be published twice a year.

Administration: Answering phones, helping with mail, accounting

Internet technology and Website design, Social media support, Facebook postings

Education:  Ensure we’re a resource for wildlife education  - education about wildlife and wildlife rescue and about Salthaven programmes Presentations that increase awareness of Salthaven and its activities.

P.R. & Marketing: We are interested in increasing our public profile locally, provincially and nationally.  Creative ideas about how we can do this will be considered.

Grant Writing: Searching for possible funding opportunities for Salthaven programmes.  Preparing grant applications and final reports.   

Current location – We need help with construction and building maintenance in our current locations. Experience with plumbing and wiring are also needed.

New Location: We have outgrown our current location. Salthaven typically receives over a hundred phone calls a day for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.  Our next step is to relocate and create a larger facility to accommodate those needs. So we need help in finding a new location.  Individuals with experience in real estate and moving are needed to provide the expertise for this venture.  We will also need volunteer help with construction and renovations for the new site.

Videography & Photography: As you can see from our website and other materials pictures and videos are an important way that we communicate with the public.

Here is something that everyone can do. Trash pick-up.  Animals in the wild will ingest trash or possibly use if in ways that are dangerous for them.  Animals with ingested tin foil can end up with lethal blockages in the GI tract. Thread, fishing line, string, etc., wraps around legs of animals and in some cases can permanently cripple the animal. Colourful pieces of balloons, plastic shopping bags etc., get used as nesting material with dire consequences to baby birds that become entangled in it and cannot leave the nest when they are ready to go. Careless people throw trash out of vehicles and when they are out walking.  When we are out walking, we can carry bags and pick up the trash and save lives.



Do you have any other ideas about ways that you could work with Salthaven?

We would like to hear from you since we think that are probably lot of things that we haven’t thought about. If you are willing to share a skill or talent, we would like to talk to you. Please feel free to email us or phone. We will follow-up with you.


If you wish to join our team please email your resume and application to stating the words SSEA Committee in the subject.


According to the WWF’s Living Planet index (2016) among the 10-thousand animal species studied from 1970 to 2016 population sizes have declined by 58%


“For every change a person makes, it has the potential to save a wild animal’s life” 
- Brian Salt

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