"As an educator and academic, I can honestly say that my experiences with Salthaven's educational program were awe-inspiring, heartening, and life transforming."

"Upon first meeting Brian Salt and his dedicated staff at a conference in May of 2009, I quickly recognized their obvious passion for Ontario's wildlife and natural environment, especially when they shared stories about their patients journeys toward healing and release. I was so moved during the presentation that I did not want to leave, and in leaving, I felt deeply affected and motivated to work with the Salthaven team within a classroom context."

"My Grade 8 Geography students had already explored environmental and wildlife issues in class, and they were very much anticipating the Salthaven presentation. To them, Brian Salt and his team members were heroes. Needless to say, my students greatly valued the opportunity to learn from the experts, and to personally encounter some truly majestic wildlife."

~ Erica Frail, Teacher, Bishop Strachan School


"Science/Geography Colleagues I wanted to bring to your attention an educational opportunity that I believe would benefit your students."

"Salthaven is a volunteer wildlife rehabilitation facility located in Mount Brydges. During the spring, summer and fall Salthaven receives 25 to 30 calls a day regarding displaced, sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife. These animals are treated and then released back to their appropriate habitat in the wild."

"Salthaven's Student Education Program has a variety of one hour presentations aimed at reacquainting students with animals, birds and nature. This program also helps students realize the impact of their everyday activities upon the environment they share with wildlife. Presentations have been designed to meet the expectations outlined in the Ontario Science and Geography Curriculum."

"Brian Salt is the founder and director of rehabilitation at Salthaven. He has personally informed, engaged, and inspired many of my grade 12 Environment and Resource Management students over the past 7 years. Brian has also presented to countless number of other A.B. Lucas' geography/science classes. In the past, the presentation has included one of Salthaven's wildlife ambassadors. Seeing a bird of prey up close definitely kept my students attention."

"If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call 519-452-2600  519-452-2600."

~ Dwayne Campbell, Geography Department, A.B. Lucas Secondary School


"Brian was able to magically link our Grade 6 science unit on flight with his real-life feathered friends. His slide presentation visually demonstrated how the intricacies of wing design support flight ability. The visit of a hawk quickly brought the students from design to reality. His primary presentation on sharing our environment and looking after our wildlife kept our students and staff spellbound. Mr. Salt's wealth of experience, and his warm and relaxed nature allowed him to share an extensive amount of knowledge to a highly engaged audience."

~ Andy Rivett,Principal. Jack Chambers P.S. Thames Valley District School Board


"Salt is here at the London Waldorf School, along with a beautiful falcon from East India, just to tell a magical story about a mallard. The founder/director of Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre is here doing what he regularly does informing and inspiring students with his remarkable tales of wildlife. "The stories touch their hearts and open their minds"," he says.

~ Ian Gillespie, London Free Press


"I have been deeply impressed and greatly inspired by the commitment of Brian Salt and his Salthaven team to ensure the welfare of our region's wildlife. His educational programs are engaging and highly informative, and enable our youth to appreciate more fully the sensitivity of our environment and our need to protect all living things. Salthaven is a wonderful model for caring for our planet."

~ David Ennis, Principal. St. Georges P.S. Thames Valley District School Board


Brian Salt and his team from Salthaven gave us a presentation that was interesting, exciting and informative. The best part was that it was interactive. Our Lions Club thoroughly enjoyed it and we talked about the birds of prey for weeks after."

~ Lion Dan Untch, President of the Mt. Brydges Lions Club


"Thank you to Brian Salt for a fabulous presentation about Salthaven. After spending the afternoon with Brian and Chaukar (one of Salthaven’s Wildlife Ambassadors), our residents can’t stop talking about your organization. Brian presented in a way that was relatable, and made education about wildlife fun. Everyone in the audience was moved by the information that was shared. We look forward to having Brian back for an update in the future."

~ Emma Cookson, Director of Recreation, Windermere on the Mount