As a non-profit charitable organization, Salthaven relies on the contributions of volunteers throughout the community. Without them, it would not be possible to provide the high level of care required for wildlife at Salthaven.

There are many volunteer opportunities available at Salthaven:

Volunteer to work with wildlife!

Every year, new volunteers are trained to conduct hands on work from Spring to Fall with wildlife at Salthaven.

As of Jan 1st we will be looking for volunteers to work with wildlife. All applicants must be 18 years of age, or 16 with parent's consent.

Please fill out the Volunteer Application Form below and send it, along with your resume in a MS Word document, to admin@salthaven.org from January 1st - March 19th. All eligible applicants will be contacted for interviews that will be conducted from February to April.

Application Form

Other Volunteer Positions

Please email admin@salthaven.org with your interest, experience, and availability for any of the following positions:

  • Videographers
  • Committee Chair/sit on a committee
  • Board Member
  • Administrative Support
  • Writers
  • Grant Writers
  • Web Analyst
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Special Events
  • Construction/Framing
  • IT Support
  • Social Enterprise Expert


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Salthaven is inviting applications from employers across southwestern Ontario to fill three secondment positions. Important information for employers: The sponsoring employer remains responsible for the cost of the employee's salary/benefits for the duration of the secondment.

Important information for interested staff: Please consider the requirements of the following positions. Applications sent to wildlife@salthaven.org should include your resume and contact details for yourself, and your approving supervisor (relevant financial authorization required). The successful candidates will be chosen by a committee and contacted for an interview.

Positions Available:

Administrative Assistant • Marketing/PR Coordinator • Animal Welfare Clinician • Grant Writers • Public affairs • Publicity campaign

Seconded employees will gain hands on experience at Salthaven and take ownership of campaigns from conception, through implementation to evaluation

Here's what some of our volunteers have to say:

"Working at Salthaven has given me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people. We all bring our own strengths and weaknesses while we share our common love for wildlife. I want to thank Brian and the rest of the people who make Salthaven such a wonderful place to volunteer." - Leesa

"If the definition of volunteering is giving one's time in exchange for nothing, then I am not a true Salthaven volunteer because I am rewarded in so many ways. Ultimately, loving these creatures is about letting them go when the time is right, but I will always carry them in my heart." - Kim

"After two summers of volunteering for Salthaven, I found myself applying for a Masters in Wildlife Management at the University of Sydney Australia. There is no doubt that working with wildlife has become my passion and I am truly grateful to Brian Salt and every other volunteer who have made this experience extraordinary" - Dominique LeBrun

"As a committee member of Salthaven, I have made new friends, broadened my horizons and opened up many new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Best of all, I know my efforts make a positive difference in our world every day. It doesn't get much better than that" - Kathleen Keating

"It has been fantastic working with such a passionate group of people who value education and volunteers just as much as the patients that come through the clinic doors."
Andrea Wishart

"As a retired professional accountant, it is an honour to be able to volunteer my expertise to the ongoing success of the Salthaven clinic." Murray Jones

"Being a volunteer at Salthaven has been such an incredible experience and has brought such joy to my life. One of my favourite things is being able to see animals that you have worked with get released into the wild. It's a truly heart warming experience." Tammy Bramley

"The one thing I love about Salthaven is how the simplest of tasks amount to something so much greater, enabling each and every person involved in the care of an animal (from the donors to the volunteers) to contribute to it ultimately becoming healed, released and free." Ashley Hanas

"I put in a lot of hours, because it is a labour of love. Love for the animals and knowing that I am helping them be clean, comfortable, fed and ultimately set free. " Claire Anderson

"During every one of my volunteer shifts at Salthaven, I continue to be impressed with the effort that Brian (and his wonderful support staff) go to in order to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. Every patient is examined so carefully and thoroughly, then given the best treatment possible. It is truly an amazing place!" Barb Higgins

"The work that goes on in our tiny clinic makes a big difference, not only to the individual animals that we treat and release, but also to the volunteer caregivers. Hearts are touched and lives are changed in a selfless spirit of co-operation focussed on giving back to nature. That is the miracle of Salthaven."

- Brian Salt