What We Do

Our Mission Statement

Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre is committed to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned or otherwise compromised wildlife; our goal is to return healthy animals to their natural habitat. Through education we are dedicated to increasing public awareness about and respect for the issues affecting Canadian Wildlife.

Brian leading geese

The world can be a dangerous place. Cars, hydro wires, cats, fishing lures, pesticides, wind turbines and window panes can injure and potentially kill our precious and sometimes endangered wildlife. And what should you do if you find an injured or orphaned animal? Bring it home? Leave it alone and hope for the best? If you live in Canada near London, Ontario, or Regina, Saskatchewan, please call Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre.

Canadians love animals, and so does Salthaven. Brian Salt founded Salthaven in 2004 with a handful of volunteers and a leap of faith. Would the local community support the Centre? The answer is a whole-hearted, yes! As a non-profit organization, Salthaven depends on the generosity of individuals, companies and organizations to ensure its patients have pain medication, surgery, and of course, food. Over 1800 wildlife are admitted to Salthaven each year. That is a lot of mouths and beaks to feed!

Ontario’s injured and orphaned wildlife are in good hands. Not only are all Salthaven volunteers trained in wildlife care, but Brian Salt is certified by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) in Advanced Clinical Pathology. He has served for six years on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Network (OWREN) and is a member of both the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (NWRA) and the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE).

In 2014, Salthaven opened a second location in Regina, Saskatchewan with the help of one of Salthaven’s most experienced and dedicated volunteers, Megan Lawrence. Within eight months, Salthaven West was known worldwide after news spread the Centre removed 310 garter snakes from a Saskatchewan home.

Salthaven repairs wings, sets broken limbs, helps the frail gain strength, nurtures the abandoned and most of all, enables injured and orphaned wildlife to regain their freedom. Equally important though is Salthaven’s role in educating the public about cohabiting peacefully with wildlife. Did you know cats kill more than two billion birds each year in the United States alone, or that one lost fishing lure can mean a painfully slow death for a curious seagull?

What happens in a typical day at Salthaven? Well, first of all, every day is a new adventure. Volunteers never know what the next phone call will bring to Salthaven’s doorstep. Will it be an injured Great Horned Owl, an orphaned Mallard Duck, or perhaps a poisoned Red Fox? Here’s a peek at what happens from “first feed” to “lights out” at Salthaven.

Our Board of Directors

Salthaven operates under the leadership of our dedicated board of directors, which includes:

Executive Directors

Brian C. Salt
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Kimberley L. Pawley
Operations Director

Megan C. Lawrence
Manager, Salthaven West

Murray Jones
CMA CPA Accounting Manager

Consultants To The Board

Dr. Tyrrel de Langley DVM, MRCVS, CIM
Director of Animal Care and Veterinary Services
Assistant Professor Pathology - University of Western Ontario

Oana Branzei Ph.D
Business Strategy